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Cube Apps was founded in May of 2003 with the idea that certain tasks could be made easier and more efficient by completing them on a computer network. Our company stands behind our three main responsibilities: quality, ease-of-use, and superior service. We work hard to bring you software that is simple to use, and reliable. We design our software programs to be scalable, so whether you are running our program on 2 computers or 200, you can remain confident that it will run smoothly.

At Cube Apps, we also believe that buying and licensing software shouldn't be an impossible puzzle to figure out. That is why we offer straight forward licensing and purchasing directly on our web site.

Finally, we believe that excellent customer service should always be a top priority. We do not view our customers simply as customers, we view you as a partner in a very important relationship. You are the reason why we make our products, and without your feedback we would not be able to improve. We will do what ever it takes to make your relationship with us one that will last.

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ComputerTest 2.0 is proud to be awarded the Global Shareware 5-Disk award for product excellence.

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