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[January 1, 2004] Users are raving about ComputerTest 2.0. In fact, ComputerTest 2.0 was recently awarded Global Shareware 5-Disk award - the highest honor given out by Global Shareware. One user remarks "[ComputerTest] does exactly what you want. It works well with a central server. That's good for security and also being able to serve it over the network."

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January 1, 2004] ComputerTest 2.0 is now available for purchase. Cube Apps now offers immediate online delivery of ComputerTest 2.0 after purchase. This means you'll be able to start creating and delivering tests right away! Check out our online store for more information or to purchase ComputerTest 2.0.


[December 1, 2003] Cube Apps will launch version 2.0 of ComputerTest in January of 2004. Among the many new features, ComputerTest 2.0 will include a score reporting engine powered by Crystal Decisions™. It will also feature many security enhancements designed to prevent cheating. If you would like more information on ComputerTest 2.0, please contact us.



ComputerTest 2.0 is proud to be awarded the Global Shareware 5-Disk award for product excellence.

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